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How To Demolish Your Competition: A Lesson From Apple

Look at how Apple completely trump Hp Touchpad and other tablet computers. It is by now a familiar routine. Apple announces a new product. The critics lamblasted it as nothing exciting. On the day of the product launches, the consumers went crazy over Apple. Critics quietly disappeared and the competitors desperately rushed to come out with a similiar. And then fail because Apple already has a death grip on the market. Look at Hp Touchpad. Hewlett Packard launched the Touchpad in 2011. The Hp Touchpad production was terminated just a month after it was launched. Hp realized that it was more profitable to focus on other areas of growth when the sale number was dismay in the weeks after the Hp Touchpad was launched. All products running on webOS were terminated.

So Apple iPad fought off another competitor. The secret is in the anticipation and creating a pent up demand. Apple is the master in this area. All their products are sold out in the stores on the first day because they deliberately restricted the supply. This created a pent up demand and made the product even more desirable.