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 Thanksgiving – An Unique American Celebration
If you are not an American, Thanksgiving would only be something you hear about on American TV programmes. It is a celebration that is unique to the United States. Unlike American holidays like Halloween and Valentine's Day, it is not commercialised and exported to the rest of the world.
Thanksgiving was first celebrated by the early pilgrims of the Massachusetts colony to mark the end of their long and dangerous journey. They came together for a feast to celebrate their survival of a treacherous voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, the bitter and harsh winter, and the subsequent illness that plagued the colony.
Today American spend Thanksgiving, feasting on turkeys and pumpkin pies with their families. If you are fortunately enough to partake in a Thanksgiving dinner with an American family, you will find that this unique American tradition involve consuming large amount of turkey and pumpkin pie.
Thanksgiving is followed by Black Friday the next day. Officially, the start of Christmas shopping season, Black Friday shopping is where Americans hunt for bargain Christmas gifts. Black Friday shopping is serious business. It is when big retailers like Walmart roll out their best Black Friday deals. Now, that is another unique American tradition altogether.