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Confession Of A Game Addict
At the moment, 2 casual games, Angry Bird Rio and Total Jerkface Happy Wheels, are holding my attention. Angtry Bird Rio dominates my game playing activities on iPhone. I am waiting for Total Jerkface Happy Wheels to be available on mobile - both Apple iPhone and Androids I hope. Casual games are what many people use to pass time whenever they have a free moment, waiting for transport, waiting for an appointment or just sitting on the "throne".
I am really glad that Angry Bird Rio was released as I had just finished all the game stages in the free version of Angry Bird. I had scraped through all the game stages with full score for some of them. I had intended to return to the game after a short break in order to make the full scores for all stages. The truth is that I was beginning to develop carpal tunnel syndrome due to excessive fingers and wrist movement while playing iPhone games. However, i found myself wandering back to the Total Jerkface happy Wheels online game. My initial encounter with Happy Wheels wasn't so happy. In fact, it was demoralising. I could not even move the wheelchair in a straight line. I gave up after a few feeble attempts. I then turned to the comfort of Angry Bird, venting my frustration on the pigs. Still, there was something about Happy Wheels that beckons. After all, it was not named the top online game for nothing. The combination of morbid carnage and physics is just too tempting to forego. I shall conquer Happy Wheels - just as soon as I get Angry Bird Rio out of the way.
Or should I leave Angry Bird Rio as a standby therapy for the frustration that I may build up as a result of playing the Total Jerfface Happy Wheels game?