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Talking To Siri About Lady Gaga Twitter
I am thinking about how exciting it would be if I can integrate Siri with Twitter somehow. Imagine having a conversation with Siri about Lady Gaga's tweets on Twitter. Twitter for iPhone allows easy access to Twitter. How about integrating Twitter with Siri, Apple? 
Siri is the iPhone 4S's special feature. It is a voice activated apps that will help you to find information or perform tasks.  It taps on Apple's network to give you information on just about anything. At the moment, it is not intelligent enough to hold a proper conversation about Lady Gaga of course. It merely gather information from the network in response to your input or query. I look forward to a more advanced Siri on iPhone 5 or a similar feature on the Android phones. Already Siri is shaping to be a serious challenger to Google Search. It is changing the way that many people search for information. When you want to search for Lady Gaga's twitter, you do not need to call up Google Search and type in the words "Lady Gaga Twitter". You just have to press the button on your iPhone 4S, hear a confirmation beep and then speak to Siri, "Lady Gaga Twitter". Siri will search Apple's database for related information and reply to you in both voice and text.
I wonder if Siri has the answers to life, love, death and everything else.