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The future of motoring is electric. With electric battery technology improving by leaps and bounds, more effective and efficient electric cars will be available on the road soon. Currently, the more popular models of electric hybrid cars are the Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus and Chevy Volt. Each one of these hybrid cars have received a fair share of good reviews.
Nissan Leaf, which stands for Leading Environmentally-friendly and Affordable Family car is a stylish 5-doors hatchback with a range of around 150-180km on electric power and a top speed of 150km/h.
The Chevy Volt is a hybrid car produced by Chevrolet. It is different from most other existing hybrid cars which commonly use 2 engines for driving - an electric motor for low speed driving augmented by the gas engine for acceleration and long distance driving. The Chevy Volt uses only the electric motor for driving. The gas engine is used to generate electricity when the battery pack is depleted. The Chevy Volt can achieve a 50-80km range when driven on electric power of the battery. When the battery is depleted, the onboard gasoline generator is run to produce electricity, boosting the range by another 675 km.  The top speed is electronically limited to 160km/h. 
The all-electric car version of the popular Ford Focus will be launched soon. The Ford Focus is one of the more popular compact. It is stylish, feature-packed and affordable. The Ford Focus is really a great family car with it's roomy front and back seats. The electric version of the Ford Focus is expected at the end of 2011. The Electric Ford Focus promises an advanced battery system to extend the battery life. The electric Ford Focus will be 100% gas-free, relying solely on battery power.

With the current soaring gas prices, many car buyers are keeping an eye on the new hybrid cars which offer great mileage. The future is truly electric.