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The Best Car For A Perfect Wedding

Every couple would want the perfect wedding. So getting married is a complication affair that requires detailed planning. One thing that is overlooked is the wedding car. This one detail can spoil the perfect wedding plan. So which is the best car for a perfect wedding? 

Unless you have a huge budget for your wedding, in most case, the wedding car is almost an after thought. So the wedding planner will be low on budget by the time they realised that they have not budgeted for a ride. Well, there is no need to make do with whatever you can borrow. If you can get a Ferrari or Posche from a rich friend, it will make quite a statement. But a sportcar is not exactly the best wedding car. The bride will find out as soon as she gets into the car. The bridegroom who may not know how to work a stick shift will have a hard time finding it in the first place,when it is covered by the bridal gown.

Here are some tips on choosing the best wedding car for your perfect wedding. And it does not have to be expensive. There are no reasons why a cheap compact cannot be the most suitable wedding car for some people.

The number one rule is keep the bride happy.

The first consideration is your budget. Do not fret you can only afford a cheap compact. The highlight of the event is you, the wedding couple, not the car. So work within your budget.

The second most important consideration is comfortable, especially for the bride. It should be easy for the bride to get in and out. That is why getting into a sport coupe with a wedding gown is not a good idea. So a five-door hatch or a four-door sedan is ideal. Sit in comfort in the back seat and it is easy to board and alight. The bridegroom do not need to drive himself and can devote his time to fuss over his nervous bride. Which hard to do when one is drive and navigating the traffic.
The third consideration is stowage space. This is often overlooked but a big boot space is really handle during a wedding. If you are packing off for your honeymoon immediately after the wedding, you will need space for luggage. A bride will be much happier if her favourite wedding gift is packed into the wedding car. So remember rule number one - keep your bride happy.

Choose a car with good ride comfort. So a hard bumpy sport coupe is definitely out. You will appreciate this after a long and exhausting wedding ceremony. A comfortable ride and a quiet moment with your new life partner. gun it. The luxurious Roll Royce Phantom would be ideal but unless you have a paycheck to match it, you can keep dream about it in your spare time.