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Fox News Top The Cable News Rating
Fox News used to be neck to neck with CNN in term of viewership for news broadcast. Now Fox News is leading the rest of the cable news channels by a big margin. The initial rating poll for December 2011 also showed that sister channel, Fox Business News is also slowly catching up with MSNBC and CNBC, although it is still some way to go before taking the lead. When MSNBC's rating dropped, comments on the internet alluded to the fact that their airing of left wing hatred drove viewers to switch to Fox for a more balanced commentary. The people on Fox are also described as good-natured, agreeable and do not take themselves too seriously. Perhaps, that is the secret of Fox News' current success.
The latest rating poll shows Fox News in the lead with CNN second, followed by MSNBC, CNBC and Fox Business News. As we all know, rating is very fickle.  The commentaries on the coming Presidential Poll is going to swing opinion and the rating, so it remains to be seen whether Fox News can hold on to it's lead in the months to come.