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The Perennial Top Corporate Gift – The Calendar

The simple calendar is one of the top corporate gifts. Many businesses give away calendar as corporate gifts and tokens to clients and partners. It is a way of saying thank you. It is also a great way to remind clients and partners about the company's services and products. A calendar is a simple but very effective corporate gift. It is cheap. It is very unlikely that the recipents will discard the gifts even if they do not use it. A calendar is a practical corporate gift and hence, people will tend to keep it.

As 2011 draws to a close and businesses prepare their 2012 calendar, let take a look at how the cheap and humble calendar is used to great effect by businesses.

A corporate calendar would, of course have the company's logo and name. Many companies also add their vision and mission statement. This is a not very subtle advertisement about the company. Many companies also list their products on the calendar. The calendar would be used as a reference from time to time, so it is an effective medium for advertisement.

Many companies print inspirational or humorous quotes, or attractive pictures on the business calendar, making it more appealing and more likely to be examined closely by a user. For example, Pirelli's sexy calendars with pictures of pretty models, are much sought after each year. One can be very sure that the 2011 Pirelli calendar will not be discarded come 2012. Nor will the 2012 Pirelli calendar.