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Teaching Your Child To Prepare Meals
Teaching your child to prepare a meal is a great way for the toddler to learn practical skills. He or she can also learn about the different type of foods and pick up good eating habits. If you have a picky eater, letting your child make his or her own meal, can make it more appetitising.

You can use simple recipes, for example, sandwiches, soup and salads. You may want to steer away from baking cookies and cupcakes although these can be very fun for the child. Stick with healthy and easy recipes so that your child pick up healthy eating habits. For the younger child, try something simple like a little caesar salad  or fruit salad.

Practise safety precautions when working with sharps and hot objects. Never assume your child will always understand and obey your instructions. So keep  an eye on your child at all time. Happy cooking!