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Sneak Preview of Type 218SG Submarine

In December 2013, Singapore announced that it had signed a contract with Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems for two Type 218SG submarines. These are a new class of submarine and scant details were released. The deal was worth 1 billion Euros which led to speculations about the specifications and capabilities of the new submarines. It was known that Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) will be incorporated. A sneak preview of the new submarine was unveiled at the 2015 International Maritime Defense Exhibition (IMDEX) held in Singapore 19 -21 May 2015. Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems displayed a model of the Type 218SG. It was also revealed that the new submarines would be 70 metres long, 6.3 metres in diameter with a displacement of 2000 tons. The scale model show a pair of bow mounted fins and eight torpedo tubes. It looked like a scaled up evolution of the Type 214 rather than a scaled down development of the Type 216. However, it has the X-configuration rubber of the Type 216, which is more suitable for the shallow littoral waters around South-East Asia. 
It is probably a customised version of the advance Dolphin submarine built for Israel. The Dolphin is perhaps the most advanced conventional submarine in service. It was developed from the Type 209. The Dolphin is 56 metres long, 6.5 metres in diameter and displaces 1900 ton. The Type 218SG is sleekier than the Dolphin. In comparison, the Type 216 is 4000 tons, 90 metres in length with a beam of 8.1 metres. 

Another glimpse of the elusive Type 218SG is seen in the Republic of Singapore Navy's video (