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Choosing the right plants and creating the right conditions for the plants to thrive are the key success factors for lush vertical garden. This is according to Patrick Blanc who is a pioneer in the art of growing vertical gardens.  Vertical gardens and green walls are increasingly seen both in homes and on the facades of buildings.  It is space saving and does so much to enhance the atmospheric of an area that it is no wonder that vertical garden is becoming popular.  However, many people discover to their great dismay that maintaining a vertical garden is not easy.  Many people rushed to install vertical gardens in their homes only to find dead growth after a year.  This does not have to be so.  The secret is in the planning and preparation as well as the maintenance.  

According to Patrick Blanc, a scientist at the French National Center for Scientific Research and a well known designer of vertical garden, one has to know about maintaining each species of plants.  One has to know about the individual plants that make up a vertical garden and how to care for each type of plants.  Some plants can be prune while others cannot.  There is also a right time for pruning.  So the maintenance of a vertical garden depends on the type of plants selected for the garden. There are plants which are only suitable for outdoor conditions.  These will not thrive in an in-door vertical garden.

To keep maintenance easy, choose few species of plants.  The trade-off is a lesser visual impact in term of the variety of shapes and colors. Choose carefully and a simple vertical plants can also be visually stunning. For a splash of red, use the Philodendron of lacerum which has red leaves. Or the Ludisia discolor, which has dark leaves with red lines.

There are many types of vertical gardens. There are those with built-in irrigation systems. The simpler ones are simply planter arranged vertically or in pockets.