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Craigslist On The Move
If internet has a frontpage, Craigslist would be on the headlines almost every day. Craigslist is so popular that it is only a matter of time that mobile apps for Craigslist are developed. So now, Craigslist mobile apps is available on all mobile platforms from Windows to Blackberry to Android and Apple.
Craigslist is definitely making new inroads with Craigslist Mobile.  Shopping for things on Craigslist can now be done on the move. It is also very convenient to post ads and items onto Craigslist for sale. Simply take a photo with your smartphone and upload direct to Craigslist directly using the Craigslist mobile apps.
Many users even claimed that Craigslist mobile is easier to use than the actual website itself. Craigslist may be the most viewed websites on mobile in the USA, from Austin to Boston, and from New Mexico to Wisconsin and everywhere across the country.