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A stun gun is a device to temporarily incapacitate a person or animal by electricity shock. It discharge high voltage but low non-lethal current electricity. Some people buy stun guns as defensive tools against dog and animal attacks. The choice of defensive tool for such a purpose is wide. It ranges from walking stick with a built-in stun gun, an extendable stun baton, mini stun gun, stun pen to even a flashlight stun gun. There are also stun guns built-into a cellular phone casing. However, these cellular phone stun guns do not function as a cellular phone. It is just a dummy casing. All of these stun guns will also work fine against attacking dogs. It is a matter of choice and comfortable level when using a stun gun against an attacking dog. Such stun gun are easily available for purchase over the internet. They are also useful against human attackers and muggers. However, you should check whether your local authorities allow the use of stun gun before purchase to avoid running foul of the law. Although a stun gun is suppose to be non-lethal, it may cause fatality and serious injury when used in certain cases.