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How To Dismantle Your Samsung Galaxy Beam For Cleaning  
If you have the Samsung Galaxy Beam projector phone, you may find that the projector lens get dirty from time to time.  It can be cleaned by wiping the external surface with a soft cloth. However, if your lens is dirty on the inside, you may need to dismantle your Galaxy S Beam.
The Galaxy S Beam is the GT8520 model of the popular Samsung Galaxy S Android moble phone. The main difference with the Galaxy S is that comes with a powerful pico projector.
It is actually quite simple and easy to dismantle your Galaxy Beam. After removing the back cover, you will see 6 tiny screws. Remove these screws and use a plastic blunt edged to ply away the front cover. You will be able to see the pico projector held down by 3 screws. Carefully remove the screws, then lift the projector by the front end. The back end is attached to a flexible cable strip. You do not need to remove the cabling for cleaning the projector lens. Clean the projector lens with a soft cloth. You can also clean the inside surface of the lens cover, which is part of the phone casing.
If your project picture looks like snowflakes, the projector is faulty. You cannot simply clean it. Sorry, you would have to send it back to Samsung for replacement of the pico projector.