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Should You Let Your Child Train The Dog?
Can a child train a dog? Yes, if the dog is suitable for a child to rain in the first place. Choosing a dog suitable for a child to train, is not so simple as just getting the smallest or gentlest dog breed. Small dog breed may be too fast and energetic for a child to handle. A gentle dog may turn aggressive when it felt threatened. Conversely, an agressive dog may actually be very loyal to their family and can be easily trained by the child of the family.
Getting your child to be the primary trainer for your dog is beneficial for your child. He or she will learn about responsibilities and how to care for the dog. It will boost the self-confidence of a child when a dog is well trained. Interacting with a dog can also help in developing social skill to a certain extent. Having the child as the primary trainer will also strengthen the bond bteween the dog and your child. However, there are some things to note before allowing your child to train your dog.
Selecting the right dog for a child to train depends on how confident you are about the loyalty of the dog to the whole family, especially the child. A dog knows the difference between an adult and a child. While it may be obedient towards an adult, it may want to test the boundaries with a child. As a guide, a large and boisterous dog breed may not be suitable for a child to train.
Parents should also ensure that their child is not aggressive or violent with the dog. You will never know the trigger that will unlease aggressive behaviour in a dog. Violence from a child may force the dog to become violent in self-defence. So parent should supervise their child properly in the training of the dog. Remember, do not allow your child to be violent with the dog.