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Great Small Cars: Ford And Fiat

The Ford Focus is one of the more popular small car. It is stylish, feature packed and affordable. The Ford Focus is really a great family car with it's roomy front and back seats. Prices start at $16,000 for the S-Sedan version.

Watch out for the electric car version of the Focus, expected at the end of 2011. The Electric Ford Focus promises an advanced battery system to extend the battery life. Like the Ford Fusion, you can expect eco-friendly features. How does zero CO2 emission sound? The electric Ford Focus will be 100% gas-free, relying only on battery power.

Previously, one of the strongest competitor for the Ford Focus was the Fiat 500. The style icon Fiat 500 was first launched in the 1960s. After a production stoppage of 32 years, a new version was launched in 2007 to join it's stablemate Fiat Uno and the Uno's successor, Fiat Punto. For a while, Fiat 500 was a serious contender in the small car category. Many people re-discover and fell in love with the charm of this 1960s and70s icon. However, Fiat USA does not have an eco-friendly car in it's range to compete against the Ford's range of hybrid and electric cars.
With the soaring gas prices, many car buyers are keeping an eye on new hybrid cars which offer great mileage. So, while Ford is going from strength to strength, Fiat is trying to play catch up.