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Online Searches For free Amazon Kindle Books

One of the top Google searches for free books must for free Amazon Kindle books. Since Amazon Kindle was launched, there has been increasing interest for Kindle ebooks. With so many free ebook titles, Amazon Kindle can be said to be a big hit. With the new Amazon Kindle Fire, the Google search scene is about to hot up again. There was an immediate online buzz when it was announced in USA. It is expected to create more searches for free ebooks when Amazon United Kingdom launches Kindle Fire.
In fact, Amazon has confirmed that Kindle Fire is the hottest buy for the year 2011 even though it was just launched on Nov 15. When it was announced on 28 Sep 11, there were 95,000 pre-orders registered. Since then, orders have been pouring in at a rate of 20,000 to 50,000 a day. The US$199 7-inch tablet can be said to be an instant hit as it cost less than half the price of the cheapest iPad from tablet market leader Apple. The Kindle Fire has a seven-inch (17.78-centimetre) screen, smaller than the iPad's 9.7 inches (24.6 centimetres), connects to the Internet using Wi-Fi and is powered by Google's Android software. The Kindle Fire does not have a camera or the 3G connectivity featured on other tablets but gives buyers easy access to Amazon's online store, which sells books, music, movies, television shows, games and other content.
The Kindle Fire can only runAndriod apps found on the Amazon online apps store.
Amazon said "gifting" of Kindle books between November 25 and Christmas Day rose 175 percent compared to the holiday period last year with Christmas Day the biggest day ever for Kindle ebook downloads.