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If You Are A Serious Gamer, What Should You Get? A Dedicated Game Console Or A PC?
Gaming consoles like Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 (PS3) are generally cheaper than personal computers (PCs).  In term of performance, there is not much to choose between the two types. The beauty of dedicated game consoles is that they have standardised configuration. This allows game developers to fully exploit the functions of the various components like the graphic cards, without worrying about compatibility. As for PC, different PCs are configured differently.  So, game developers will have to compromise.  It also takes time to develop computer games and the next better configuration could be available before the game development is completed. For example, one might develop a computer game usnig the features of the latest Direct-X graphic card, but by the time that the game is completed, there may be a newer Direct-X graphic card out on the market. One advantage for dedicated game console, is that playing online games like Mario online on a 32" LED TV, definitely beats playing games on a 21" LED PC monitor any time.
One area lacking for the dedicated game console is the availability of high end accessories like gaming mouse and keyboard.  Most of the latest dedicated game consoles like Xbox 360 and PS 3 support USB devices, so it may be a matter of time before dedicated gaming mouse and keyboard are made compatible. For the moment, there is no compatible gaming mouse and keyboard for dedicated game consoles.  That is a disadvantage for some computer games like Real Time Simulation (RTS) games. So the PC is unbeatable for the range of good mouse and keyboard suitable for games The Sims city building games. There is definitely enough computing power to run these high-end RTS and simulation games. However, there is just no accessories to complement the game play. So many serious gamers still buy a separate PC for computer work and for playing certain games.