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Gas Prices Spurring Growth For Home Solar Power

With the sky high gas prices today, it is little wonder that many home builders are incorporating solar power into new home design. There are advantages to incorporate considerations for solar power into a home design, instead of retrofitting the infrastructures for solar power later.

For example, the directional orientation of the house would affect the efficiency of the solar power panels. Designing the roof and walls to take the extra weight, will allow the fitments of more and heavier solar power panels. Solar power panels are dependent on the surface area of the house, so the home design must be able to maximise the surface area for fitting solar power panels. A well-designed 'solar powered' home will have a lower heating cost on top of a very small or even zero electricity bill.

So the soaring gas prices today may be a blessing in disguise for the environment. Even if a electric power plant is burning the 'cleaner' natural gas to generate electricity, it is still contributing to the global warming and depletion of natural resources. By spurring the growth of more new homes designed for solar power, the high gas prices today are perhaps, contributing toward a better future.