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 Survivor Guide For Black Friday Shopping
There is also irresistible about Black Friday shopping. It is an unique American tradition. Across the country, millions of Americans wake up in the dead of the night to get ready to rummage through tons of unorganized goods on endless racks. It is definitely not your normal run of the mill shopping. So here is a survivor guide for scoring the best Black Friday shopping deals.
Have A Plan
First, prepare your battle plan. Set a budget and stick to it. While we all love a good deal, , it is not a good deal if you overspend. Prepare a list of what you need and a list of what you want. This will be useful in deciding what to buy and what to discard when you are over your budget.
Plan your shopping route and do not be sidetracked. There are Black Friday shopping deals everywhere you turn. If you do not have a pre-planned route, you can going to be very tired indeed. So you would want to make sure you hit all the places that you need to go instead of being sidetracked. Map out the most logical shopping route, so that you do not waste on the road.
Carry A Shopping Guide
In the mad rush, it is easy to forget which store advertised the best deals. So prepare a folder of ads. If you are tech savvy, you can download iPhone and Android smartphone apps that will keep you updated on the latest Black Friday shopping deals on the move.
Or Just Forget It
If you are lazy to fight the crowd, just go online to craigslist and ebay. Many people stock up on black friday in the hope of making a profit by selling their purchases on Craigslist and eBay. So if you do not mind paying a bit more, it is like having personal shoppers for your Black Friday shopping!