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Making Pizza At Home
Fancy a pizza? Well, there is no need to head for Pizza Hut, Dominos Pizza or Jet Pizza for a cheesy pizza fix. It is easy to make your own pizza. You can also spice up your home made pizza with your own chilli recipes.

Here is something that you can do with your child. To keep it simple, use lightly toasted bread for the base, spread your favourite tomato sauce, sprinkle grated cheese, and then toss on your choice of sausages and cut vegetables. Pop your home made pizza into the oven and heat till the cheese melts and voila! Your own home made pizza. Pile on more cheese if you want your pizza to be extra chewy. No need to call Pizza Hut or Dominos Pizza or Jet Pizza. You can make your own pizza healthier too.

For some extra kick prepare your own chilli if you have a favourite chilli recipe, prepare a pot of chilli and use it as a dip. Or for something more filling, just add diced chicken meat to your favourite chilli recipe. Yummy.