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Why Crash Diet Will Actually Make You Fatter


As societies get more affluent, obesity has become a major health problem. Obesity is now a major health risk factor for heart disease. People who are obese are advised to keep their weight under control/ So many people try to eliminate obesity by dieting. Now proper dieting is not a bad thing. Maintaining a healthy and balance diet is good for overall health. However crash dieting can do more bad than good.


Crash dieting lowers one’s caloric intake below the basal metabolic rate (the rate at which the body is burning calories for daily activities). This will create a negative energy balance. In the short term, crash diet will make you lose weight, but the weight reduction will be due to muscle loss. When you eat fewer calories, your body will think it is starving. If it cannot get enough calories, your body will burns fat and muscle to fuel its energy requirements. When that happened, it actually slows down the body’s metabolism. Whenever, you eat, the body will also store as much as it can as body fat to protect itself against future starving. Your body will also increase the fat-depositing enzymes that in turn store more body fat.


When you stop your crash diet, calorie intake would increase and your body pack on more body fat. Since your metabolic rate has dropped, you are less likely to exercise and gain lean muscle mass. So even if you take in the same amount of calories as you did before the crash diet, you will not maintain your body weight, because you have lost some of your lean muscle mass. In fact, because your body’s caloric needs are now reduced, you will end up gaining weight! So that is how crash diet end up making you fatter.