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Decorating For A Bachelor Pad
It is easy to decorate your apartment into the perfect bachelor pad.  The most important room in the bachelor pad is the bedroom.  If you have a singe room studio apartment, you may be tempted to buy a sofa bed to maximise the usage of space. Well, don't.  Get a proper and comfortable bed. You won't regret it for the lack of space. After all, comfortable living is the most important aspect of a bachelor pad. A simple search on the websites of popular furniture retailers like Home Depot, Lowes and Ikea will give you an idea of the choices available for comfortable bedding.
The bedroom is the most important feature of a perfect bachelor pad. So you should pay attention to the details in decorating your bedroom.  Essentially, a bachelor pad is designed around the bedroom. And the bachelor bedroom is designed around the bed. The views out of the window and of the decor in the bedroom should be the optimum form the bed. More importantly, essential items and services like light switches, should be within easy reach when you are lying on the bed.
Lighting is an important element of a room design and decor. For a bedroom ,you may want to go for a soft lighting, complemented by a reading lamp. You can get great bedroom ideas by visiting the local Ikea showroom. Ikea is well known for their well designed furniture  showcases.
Keep your furnitures to a minimum. These should be mainly for stowing away stuff and keeping clutter out of sight. When buying furnitures like coffee table and bookshelves, look out for those with extra drawers and storage pockets.
You can even dispense with the sofa if you are not going to spend much time on it. You are not going to host too many visitors in the first place (unless you have a really big bachelor pad, then party's on!). Ideally, you want your guest to be sitting in your bed with you. *Wink*Wink*
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