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Impression Of Lady Gaga's The Edge Of Glory
The Edge of Glory was released as a promotional single in May 2011 on 96.1 FM KISS and shortly later on iTunes, before the offical album release.  Musically, it seems to borrow something from Pink and Kelly Clarkson although the final outcome is still distinctly Lady Gaga. The Edge of Glory is a simple, happy and uplifting song. Or is it?
Lady Gaga insisted in her interviews that the song is about the death of her grandfather. However, many people cannot help but think that the lyrics of the song talks about sucide pacts. The opening verses talk about finding "a man that thinks it is right when it is so wrong". Some people interpreted it as finding somebody who will join her in a sucide pact. If anybody doubts the meaning the lyrics, Lady Gaga and her accompanying male dancer, leapt off a man-made cliff during a performance of the song on American Idol. She was, as the song said, "on the edge of something final we call life". Well, it is up to you to interpret, as with many of the Lady Gaga songs.
The Edge of Glory was produced by DJ White Shadow, who produced Born This Way, and Fernando Garibay, the producer of Dance In The Dark.