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It is easy to jailbreak your iPhone 54S. You just need to download the right program for jailbreaking iPhone. Choosing the right jailbreaking program is key. Otherwise, you may regret trying to jailbreak your iPhone. Here are some tips on how to choose the right jailbreaking programs to unlock iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 or any other Apple devices such as the iPad Mini.
  1. Updated Program. Make sure the programmer keep the program updated with the latest iOS versions.

  2. Compatible With All iDevices. When you buy another iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the program should work for all the new devices.

  3. Ease Of Usage. The overall process of jailbreaking should be simple. It should be a matter of following the step by step instructions to get your iDevice jailbroken.

  4. Customer Support. If you had any problem, there should be customer support to help you out.

Getting value for your money is important. So choose the right jailbreaking program or you may end up with a messed iPhone or iPad that is not covered by warranty.