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Amazon Kindle Fire vs Apple iPad 2

Apple iPad 2 dominates the tablet market but Amazon Kindle Fire is well poised to make a big dent in Apple's market share. Here is how the Amazon Kindle Fire compared with Apple iPad 2.

Form and Aesthetic
Apple is the master of Aesthetic but the Kindle Fire is a joy to handle too. It is smaller and lighter at 413g. The 7 inch screen may be smaller but it leaves nothing to be desired for the functions that it was designed for. Although the 600g iPad is light enough, the smaller dimension of the Kindle Fire make it even more portable. So the Amazon Kindle Fire scores on dimensions, weight and readability while iPad 2 is the choice for those just want a big screen.
Function and Ability

The Amazon Kindle Fire is clear and responsive even when used outdoor. It trump the iPad 2 on battery power. With 6GB of internal storage, it is unlikely that you will rue the lack of internal storage. The Kindle Fire was not designed for communication and there is no microphone and camera. This would have been fine for people who do not need to make video calls with their tablets. However, the lack of a volume button is puzzling.

The main selling point of Amazon Kindle Fire is the access to Amazon's catalogue. In term of Apps, Kindle Fire can only boost of 10,000 compared to Apple's 500,000. But who need to download more than a thousand anyway.
The Price Factors
The big plus for Amazon Kindle Fire is the price. At less than half theprice of the iPad 2, the Kindle Fire offers solid performance and battery, back by a large library of apps and content online, it is clearly a winner for many people. Ultimately in the contest of Kindle Fire vs iPad 2, it is the consumers that decide the outcome.