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Learning How To Dance Hip Hop
So you want to learn how to dance Hip Hop..
Hip Hop is now so popular that there are many dance schools teaching basic and advance Hip Hop dances. There are now two schools of Hip Hop dance - the Old School and the New Style Hiphop. The Old School Hip Hop consists of locking, popping, breaking (or break dancing) and wave. The New Style Hip Hop is usually slower in pace, focusing on the rhythm and groove.
The ultimate goal for anybody who like Hip Hop dancing, is to be free styler. That is the spirit of Hip Hop, the expression of a dancer's individuality through dance movement. To be a free style Hip Hop dancer, you will need to know the basics of all the Hip Hop dance techniques. There are many Hip Hop dance techniques. Hip Hop is not as simple as it seems. For example, there are Reggae, Hip Hop, Popping as well as WKM (Wacking, Krumping, Milking). There are the basic theories for executing all Hip Hop dance moves. Like how to do a proper Krunk, Milking , Moonwalk or Wave. Each dance move has a proper technique for execution. 
So Hip Hop is not as easy as the B-boys make it out to be. Other than taking formal dance classes, you can learn from watching music videos and dance movies. Check out the dance artists such as B2K, User & Marche on musics videos. Or watch good dance movies like "You got served". Carefully study the Hip Hop dance steps in the music videos and ance movies for inspirations. When you can get some good ideas for your own free style Hip Hop dance moves, practise.  You should improvise and innovate to come out with your own cool Hip Hop dance moves.
The most important part about learning Hip Hop dance is to practise. So do not be shy about looking like a clown at first. To be good and slick, you need to practise and perfect your Hip Hop dance steps especially if you want to be a good Hop Hop free styler.