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The New York Knicks player, Jeremy Lin is creating a tsunami of publicity for NBA. He is now NBA's biggest Asian sensation. So much so that a new word, or rather new words are coined. For a start, there is Linsanity. Then there is Linspiration. However you look at it, there is no denying that a new icon has arrived. Deny it at your own peril. Like the Laker's Kobe Bryant did. He dismissed Jeremy Lin as a nobody that he do not know anything about and do not understand what is the big deal. That was just before the Lakers lost to the New York Knicks. Jeremy Lin scored 38 in that game compared with Kobe Bryant's 34.  
Jeremy Lin, who is of American and Taiwanese descent, is the first Harvard graduate to play in NBA since the New York Knicks signed on Ed Smith in 1951. Jeremy Lin studied economics. He was untaken in last year's NBA draft, was cut by Golden State and Houston before clinching a bench seat with the New York Knicks. Jeremy Lin can certainly claim many records. He is now the record holder for the most points scored in the first 5 NBA starts. His 136 points after 5 NBA starts, caught Times Magazine's attention. The Asia edition of the Time Magazine had him on the front cover. Kobe Bryant never had a Time Magazine cover before. Shaquille O'Neal, the previous record holder for the most points scored in the first 5 NBA starts, had 129. Michael Jordan managed 116. Jeremy Lin can also claim a record for the most turnovers (ball snatched away from him) in the first 5 NBA starts - 30.
His jersey that was worn during the Knicks-Lakers game was auctioned for US$42,000 in a charity auction. His signature Number 17 jersey is now the top seller, overtaking Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose's, the top seller in 2011.
It was a fairy tale that almost never happened. Jeremy Lin was maybe 5 or 6 days from being cut when the Knicks fielded him in an emergency - Amare Stoudemire was not available following the death of his brother in an traffic accident. From the start, Jeremy Lin was pure catalyst for the New York Knicks. His averages of 23.3 points and 7.4 assists in the first 5 NBA starts, had Shaquille O'Neal tweeting, "Linderrella story of the year, Jeremy Lin has lingle handedly played lensational lincredible I'm linpressed all he does is Lin Lin Lin."
Jeremy Lin's popularity in Asia is the highest of any NBA player since the Houston Rockets center, Yao Ming, who retired due to injury. He is certainly now New York Knicks' and NBA's latest Asian sensation and an Linspiration to many Asians.