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Comparison Of Shipment Tracking Between FEDEX and USPS

Both Federal Express (Fedex) and United States Postal Services (USPS) offer tracking of your shipment.

Fedex SmartPost is a service customised for shipping of a high volume of small packages (up to 70lbs) to residential addresses in the United States and Canada. The cost of the en-route tracking is factored into the Fedex rates for Smartpost packages.

Similarly, the price of tracking is factored into the USPS rates. USPS tracks USPS express mail, global express guaranteed, express mail international, and priority mail international. Standard mail and bulk mail are not tracked unless the sender pays extra for this service.

A tracking bar code is affixed onto the package when it is despatched to be delivered. Each time the package reaches a new location, it is scanned and the information is automatically entered into the USPS computer network. This information is then available for the sender to retrieve by entering the USPS tracking number on USPS's website.

Fedex SmartPost tracks packages in a similar process. The big difference is that Fedex SmartPost packages are scanned and updated into the Fed Ex computer systems each time the packages go on or off a delivery truck. So the tracking information is kept much more updated.

However, tracking a package does not mean that it will reach it's destination faster. The main purpose of tracking is for the service provider's awareness of the package location. For the sender, it is a form of assurance that the package is not lost or held up somewhere.