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What Can You Do With Lemons?
If life gives you lemons, make lemonades. So said the wise.
Lemons are actually very useful fruits and not deserving of the negative connotation in this popular saying. It is full of nutrients and health benefits. As a culinary ingredient, it is an essential in the kitchen for many chefs. In addition, the high acidicity, refreshing scent and anti-bacterial properties must it a very useful fruit out of the kitchen. So you can do more with lemons than just lemonade.
Here are some ways you can use lemons.
In the Kitchen
Lemon is used as a seasoning for fish, salad, sauce, meat and in whatever you want a little zest. Lemon when mixed with other fruits such as apple, avocadoes, pears and potatoes, will prevent them from turning brown. And you can make ice lemon tea and lemonade out of lemon of course.
Lemon as a General Purpose Cleaner
Mix a equal part of lemon juice with water and pour into a spray bottle. Use this solution for general cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom. It works well for mirror and glass. Just spray on, wipe off with a cloth. Rinse the cloth and wipe dry. Use undiluted to remove mineral deposits from the faucets.
You can also use this solution to give your dish washing liquid a degreasing boost. To remove stain from plastic food containers, soak them in diluted lemon juice. The stain and odour will disappear like magic.
For more stubborn stain or to restore the shine to pots and pans, use a mixture of lemon juice and salt. This works well for aluminium, brass, copper and chrome utensils. Wipe and rinse properly afterwards.
Lemon as a Stain Remover
Remove the stain from your old chopping block and laminated countertop by rubbing lemon juice on it. Let the undiluted juice settle for a while and then wipe clean.
For stain on clothings, especially sweat and grease stain, the same treatment will work wonders. However, do check whether the fabric and color will be affected by the citrus acid first. Lemon juice is also an effective non-toxic alternative to bleach. It is effective in whitening white clothing. Just do not apply it for silk and other more delicate clothing materials.
One part of lemon juice to two parts of olive oil will make a good polishing solution for hradwood furniture.
Lemon as a Deodouriser
To keep your refrigerator free from bad odour, cut a lemon in half and left one in each section of the refrigerator. Have the cut surface facing up and change after a week. It will remove strong smell such as garlic and fish. Alternatively, you can squeeze the lemon juice onto some cotton swabs and leave them in the refrigerator. You can also use lemon juice on your hands to remove odour if you have beening handling fish and garlic. You can use lemon on your garbage disposal system too.
If you have a fireplace, toss in a few lemon peels with your firewoods for a refreshing fragrance.
Many Other Uses for Lemons
Lemon juice is also effective for getting rid of ants.
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