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The Difference Between Minecraft Classic And Minecraft Alpha/ Beta
Minecraft is an online game where you get to create almost anything using the resources available in the virtual 3D world. Minecraft Classic is less challenging. It merely involves placing and removing blocks to create pixel art and structures or anything you want. There is no interaction and game play as there is no monsters to molest you, and there is no day/ night differentiation. You have unlimited resources to but the map space is limited. It is akin to a tutorial before you venture into the world of Minecraft Beta (previous version was Minecraft Alpha). Minecraft Alpha and Minecraft Beta has limited resource blocks but umlimited map space. The map will just keeping expanding as you travel (by using up more data file storage space on your PC). The random terrain generator is simply awesome. There are terrain features like forest, desert, tundra, hill and mountain, which are absent in the Minecraft Classic version. Minecraft Alpha and Minecraft Beta also have murderous monsters that will spawn in the darkness. So you have to watch out for drak places and during the night time. Your only hope of survival is to quickly build a sturdy shelter before the first nightfall. But that is no guarantee that you will survive the second night fall. You have at  your disposal, all the resources that you can find around the Minecraft virtual world, from sand to iron ore to gold. You can also upgrade by getting Minecraft Mod packs which will enhance certain features of this online game and make it easier or more challenging.