Love, Life And Everything Else 

The Bank of America is no longer the same household bank that Americans trusted. During the financial crisis of 2008, many banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America received bail out fund to keep them afloat. Many banks including the Bank of America (BOA), quickly rebounded. However, many banks had ridiculous bonus systems that pay out huge bonuses to banking executives even while the banks were paying back the bail ot fund. So many Americans became disillusioned.

The discontent fermented until in 2011, street protests became more organised and the Occupy Wall Street movement was started. It was a protest against the excesses of the financial system and the financial aid given to the very rich while the man in the street struggled with daily lives. People who do not read Wall Street Journal and keep tab on the stock market every minute. People who do not even have jobs. These are the people who are joining the Occupy Wall Street protest to make their voices heard. The Occupy Wall Street movement soon spreaded to many other countries over the world.