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I Am Pregnant! What's Next?
Happiness is a positive pregnancy test result. Especially if it is a planned parenthood. Straight away, your mind will be filled with so many considerations.Is it a baby boy or a baby girl? What baby names to choose? How to decorate the baby room? Which university should your child attend?
Well, first thing first. Focus on the pregnancy. You need to carry your baby to full term. Over the next few months, you will be tired and moody. Many times, in that 9 months. If you have not been living healthily, you need to start right away. Cut off harmful habits like drinking and smoking. Start a exercise program. Try walking. It is simple, cost nothing, effective and carry little risk. Just don't overdo it.
Maintain a healthy and balanced diet that include folic food and calcium. Drink milk for the calcium. You do not need to over-eat. Spend your pregnancy learning about pre-natal and post-natal care, pre-natal exercises and how to take care of your baby. Get your husband involved in these activities.
If you have not, engage a gynaecologist, and have regular check-ups. Last but least, spend some time talking, reading and singing to your baby. You will be surprised at how the baby can respond to you.
Inthe last trimester just before the delivery due date, prepare your 'delivery kit' so that you need not rush at the last minute. Pack things which you will need at the hospital.
Throughout the pregnancy, your husband's presence and support is the most critical thing for you. So do talk about planned parenthood so that both of you know what to expect from the pregnancy. The positive pregnancy test result is only the starting whistle for a life long journey.