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What Are The Popular Entertainment Downloads?

Based on the number of searches on Google, it seems that youtube video and music are the most popular downloads from the internet. Apparently, many people also google search for youtube to MP3 conversion or vice versa. These downloads would be for uploading MP3 music to their youtube video. Many people make their youtube video by combining pictures into slideshows accompanied by their favorite music.

Netflix streaming movies are also popular, with many people searching for the new Neflix new releases. For example, many people searched online for the movie Transformer when each of the Transformer movies were released on Netflix.

Netflix has been suffering from massive loss of subscribers lately, prompted by the unpopular price increases for their DVD by Mail and online video streaming services. In addition to the price hikes, Netflix also announced and then promptly withdraw the plan to separate its DVD rental service from the online streaming unit. That would have given subscribers more choices at a lower price. On 25 Oct 11, Netflix's share price plunge 26% in after-hours trading when it was reported that Netflix has lost 810,000 subscribers in the third quarter of the year. We hope that the company will start to listen to it's customers.