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Romantic Getaway Vacation To Chiang Mai, Thailand
Chiang Mai, the second largest city in Thailand, is a great destination for a romantic getaway vacation.  For a luxurious getaway vacation, there are many good hotels and resorts available in Chiang Mai.  You can then book day trips to explore the many interesting places on the outskirt of the city.  There are many small travel agencies in the city.  They will bring you from places to places in vans, along with travellers from all over the world.  There are plenty to see and do in the outskrits of Chiang Mai.  You can visit the elephant training camps, fruit farms and hill tribes.  In the evening, you can go shopping in the famous night bazaar of Chiang Mai.  Dining and shopping in the city is cheap and good. There are plenty of pubs and watering holes in Chiang Mai city as well.
If you want adventure, you can plan on jungle trekking and white water rafting. You can book a stay in one of the resorts in the countryside.  It can be very cold at night, so be prepared if you are staying in the countryside.  If you are prepared to rough it out, book a stay in the eco style jungle lodge. Or ask for a home stay with one of the hill tribes.  It can be a bit rough, but it will certainly be a memorable romantic experience. End your day with a refreshing drink at one of the many watering holes or go for a relaxing Thai massage.
Basically, Chiang Mai is great idea for a free and easy vacation, which is just nice for a romantic getaway vacation. Whether you just want to laze around in comfort or go for some ethnic experience, you will find that Chiang Mai is a great idea for a romantic getaway vacation.