Love, Life And Everything Else 

Lately, the newspaper headlines are full of natural disasters, from floodings and volcanic eruption  to earthquakes and typhoons. One of the most vivid images was a video clip of the tsunami wave sweeping inland in Japan, pulverising everything in it's path while people and cars tried to get out of the way. The Boxing Day Asian Tsunami of 2005 was definitely more destructive but the Japan Tsunami of 2011 probably had more photgraphs and videos shot of the event. The most horrific video was that one shot from a school located on high ground. It showed a massive wall of water sweeping away whole house, destroying the entire town.
Almost everyday, we can see news of loss of lives and suffering. It should strike anybody, on the irony of us spending a lifetime trying to accummulate wealth and material goods, but all can be lost within minutes. Such is the power and wrath of Mother Nature. 
One thing we should learn from all these nature disasters, is that we cannot control the power of nature. Mother Nature's warth, once unleashed is indiscriminate in her destruction - whether you are rich or poor, young or old, good or evil.
What is causing all these natural disasters? We cannot ignore the fact that global warming is one of the contributing factors. As the sea level rises and the atmosphere retain more moisture, each successive storms will get more and more powerful.
Before it is too late, let us heed Mother Earth's warning. Let us save Mother Earth before she loses her temper and patience. See what you can do by checking out the Saving Gaia movement in your area.