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Scuba Diving In Micronesia
Micronesia is a cluster of countries in the Pacific. Although it is rather remote, it is a diving heaven, especially the island of Palau and Yap. Palau is rated as one of the best diving locations in the world. This is also where the hit reality series, Survivor Island, was filmed (on the island of Ulong).
Koror is the capital state of Palau. Total population of Palau is about twenty thousands odd, with more than 80% of them living in Koror. There are WWII wrecks all over the areas - aircraft, tanks, ships, rendering the natural landscape even more interesting. Some of the WWII shipwrecks are also striving artifical reefs.  Palau is one of the world's most spectacular scuba diving locations.  It is rich with coral reefs, blue holes, WWII ship wrecks, caves and sea tunnels and an amazing array of marine life.  There are also spectacular vertical walls that extend into the deep, for some of the most amazing dives.
To get to Micronesia, you can fly Continental Airlines Micronesia, which has the most connections to the Micronesia region from Truk. Most travellers fly to Micronesia via Guam, which is served by several airlines, including Continental Airlines Micronesia (from Hong Kong), Korean Air ( from Seoul) and Japan Asia ( from Tokyo). There are smaller airlines such as Air Marshall and Air Narau operating island hopping flights to Micronesia with some limited international connections. The cheapest flight to Micronesia is offered by Continental Airlines Micronesia, from Manila to Palau direct.
For information on the dive sites available in Micronesia, check out Fish 'n' Fins Dive Centre happens to be the oldest dive centre in Palau.