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Sprinting For Your iPhone
You can say everybody is sprinting to get the latest Sprint Apple iPhone. iphone 4S is now out in the market with much hype and fanfare. There are also many people holding back to await the next iPhone 5. If you have a iPhone 4, it may be worthwhile to wait for the iPhone 5. Feature-wise, iPhone 4S users can only boast of Siri and a faster processor. If you can holding the old iPhone 3GS, you will probably benefit from the upgrade to iPhone 4S. If not, wait a while. Maybe an Android phone will catch your fancy.
iPhone has definitely shaken up the mobile phone market. Each new model of iPhone is a reason for many people to upgrade their handset. The competition is not sitting idle either. They have also risen to the occasion with many serious challengers to the throne that is currently occupied by iPhone.