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How To Win At The Total Jerkface Happy Wheels Game?

How do you win at the Total Jerkface Happy Wheels Game? Well, maybe you should be happy just to be alive. Happy Wheels has nothing to do with cars. Happy wheels is an addictive online flash game. It is a physics-based driving game. The only goal of this highly amusing game is to try to find and reach the exit alive but it can be bloody. You can use a variety of wheeled vehicle from bike, two-wheeler or even a wheelchair, and try to find a way to the exit, alive! I wish I have a proper car for this game. You control your Happy Wheels vehicle with the keyboard which can make for some very frustrating manoevring. Warning: it is very graphic in it's depiction of gore. If you play Happy Wheels, you will know what I mean. I survived the whole of 2 seconds when I first played Happy Wheels. Of course, I got better at it after numerous clashes.
You can find Happy Wheels on Totaljerkface. Just do a search for Total Jerkface Happy Wheels.

Watch for Happy Wheels 2 which promises even more gore.