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Sending A Package To China
What happened when you send a package from United States to China?
If you are sending it through USPS EMS, it is actually handled by both United States Postal Service (USPS) and EMS (Express Mail Service). USPS is the United States cooperative member of EMS, and is in charge of handling EMS packages inside United States while EMS handles the delivery in China.
EMS China, formerly named China Courier Service Corporation (CCSC), is a 100% state-owned company and is the largest service provider in China’s express mail service industry.
When you send an EMS package from USA to China, the package is handled by USPS within USA. USPS would collect the package from you or the shipper, deliver it to the aircraft departing for China. EMS takes over the package when the aircraft arrives and delivers the package to the recipient.

You can keep track of your EMS shipping by using the USPS EMS tracking service. Your package is assigned an EMS tracking number. The EMS tracking service is available in both English and Chinese. It is the same as USPS priority tracking and you can track the movement of your EMS shipping globally. For the latest USPS EMS rates, it is best to check with USPS as the courier service industry is very competitive and the USPS rates for EMS may change from time to time.