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Special Baby Names
Nowadays, many parents like to give their children unique baby names. Many are influenced by movies and mythology, and they give unique baby names such as Zeusian, Brandoris, Wentrisa and Cassiopedia. Or they choose baby girls names like Zena and Cinderella for their new baby girls. There are others who choose names like Magon, Manah and Mawen, which are picked out of the blue, and often do not have any special meaning at all.
Parents should be mindful of the consequences of giving their children unique names. One will need to reconsider if the name given, can easily be the subject of a joke. Children these days can be merciless in teasing other people by calling them nicknames. If your child's name is similar sounding to funny words or common terms, your child may be mocked by friends and classmates.
While such nickname calling may be in jest, it can hurt a child's feeling.  Your child may then resent you for giving such a funny name, straining the parent-child relationship. Therefore, a name is not just a name. It is also not just about the origin of the names and meanings behind them. It is more about whether the name is suitable for the child.
You should always choose a name that has special meaning. It is your first guidance to your baby boy or baby girl on what you want your child to be when the child grows up.