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Walgreens' Strategy For Expansion - Buying Over Independent Pharmacies
Walgreens is the leading drug store and pharmacy company in the country. Walgreens has an interesting approach towards business expansion. Walgreens is actively buying over independent pharmacies across the country. These independent pharmacies would have an established customer base as well as a good location. The difficulties that many small pharmacies face are hiring and keeping employee. Without enough staff, it is not possible to match the pharmacy opening hours like Walgreens.
The value proposition offered to people who are considering selling their pharmacy, is that their existing customers can continue to be served while Walgreens take care of the burden of business ownership.
Walgreens also offer potential employment that come with a comprehensive benefit package. The benefits include reakoning of the years of service as if the employee had been with Walgreens the entire time, medical and dental insurance, 401k profit sharing match, employee stock purchase plan as well as employee discounts. So hiring and retaining employee is easier for Walgreens.
With such a good deal, it is no wonder that many independent pharmacies are bought over by Walgreens. With this business expansion strategy, Walgreens can pick and choose pharmacy locations to offer the best possible service to customers.