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 Wells Fargo Bank was one of the more popular banks in the country. Wells Fargo Bank has a wide network with many branches across the country. Wells Fargo online banking and the wide network of Wells Fargo ATM also make it convenient for customers to make banking transactions.

Many customers started their relationship with Wells Fargo bank with saving accounts and student loans. Over the years, Wells Fargo bank build up an enviable clientele. Until the finanical crisis of 2008. Suddenly, the bond between banks and customers was strained as people worried about the security of their investments and savings. The bond was further strained when the fortunes of the banks quickly rebounded while many people were still struggling to recover. Many people were astounded when banking executives get huge bonuses even while the banks were receiving bail out fund to keep them afloat. Then came the Occupy Street Wall movement. The line was clearly now drawn between the big financial institutions and the man in the street. Wells Fargo bank is on longer a people's bank.