Love, Life And Everything Else 

Denver Bronco quarterback Tim Tebow is probably the most controversial sportsman in the USA.  He is responsible for the craze that is sweeping the nation.   If you do an online search for information on Tim Tebow, you are more likely to uncover gossips about Tim Tebow's girlfriend or Tim Tebow haircut, than anything on his performance in the NFL. Love him or hate him. Tim Tebow along with the Denver Broncos have strung together a series of impressive victories and comebacks in the NFL.
Tim Tebow is a  tough and contact-loving athlete who relies more on a big heart and hard work than the traditional passing talents. Tim Tebow's style of play has been derided as downright ugly, yet it is much loved by middle-America. The most exceptional thing about the Tim Tebow phenomenon is simply doing one's best when it's all on the line.
On field and off field, Tim Tebow is attracting attention because he is very vocal about his religious belief. The executives at NFL and ESPN are not complaining of course. Any publicity is good publicity.
Now there is something else that will keep the NFL and ESPN executives happy besides Tebow's girlfriend and his exploits - "Tebowing"
What Is Tebowing?
Everyone’s familiar with  planking, right? There is also the ridiculous owling. Now to add to the list of weird things you can do to amuse or annoy people around you, there is Tebowing. Tebowing is described as getting down on one knee to pray, oblivious to everything else around you.
Tebowing was inspired by an impromptu pose that Tebow made after a dramatic comeback win. The pose was an obvious expression of prayer by the outspoken Christian athlete. To execute this action, just stop in your track, preferably in the middle of a busy walkway, drop to one knee and bow your head. Prop your forehead with your arm while resting your elbow on your knee. That's how you do Tebowing.