Love, Life And Everything Else 

Minecraft is an online game where you get to create a whole new world. It takes place in a 3D world comprising of square blocks. Basically, you just go around constructing and reshaping the world as you like, using the resources available in this virtual world. For example, the first thing you will learn is that you can pulverise a tree with your bare hand. From that action, you will get pieces of wood. You can then craft the wood into wooden planks to be used for building structures and shelters. Or you can make tools so that you do not need to punch trees with your bare hands. There is no storyline to follow. The game is completely open-ended. Your actions are only dictated by the laws of physics.
If you like great graphic, you may be disappointed as the graphics are all 16 x16 pixels by default. However, you can download graphic packs to upgrade it to 128 x 128 pixel textures, which is actually quite detailed. There are also many Minecraft Mod packs which can make the game more fun. I can't wait to get Minecraft on my Xbox 360 game console.