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How To Keep Your Clothes Wrinkle-Free During Business Travel
This is a problem for many busy executives who need to travel.  How do you keep your business clothes wrinkle-free when you pack them in the luggages. Or if you are hitting the tarmac running, how do you get to a business meeting straight off a long flight without looking like a crumpled mess? The easiest solution is to buy wrinkle-free business clothings. However, this is not always possible.
Packing For Business Travel
Firstly, how you pack your luggages will determine whether your clothes will be a mess when you reach the hotel.  To prevent clothes from being crumpled and wrinkled, pack each clothing separately using a garment bag or ziploc bag.  Pack your jacket by turning it inside out. You should place the heavier objects at the bottom of the luggage bag to prevent excessive weight from pressing on your clothing. When packing your shirts or blouses, cross the sleeve in front and hold them in place with a pin or paper clip. This will minimise the wrinkle and creases. When you reach the hotel, you can remove minor wrinkle by hanging your clothing in the bathroom while you take a hot shower.The steam will smooth out the folds and wrinkles.
Heading Straight For A Business Meeting
If you are heading straight for a business meeting after a long flight, you need to dress comfortably to avoid looking unslightly.  That does not mean tee-shirts and jean. Choose material that is comfortable to sleep but will not be wrinkled.  After landing, just throw on a jacket that is packed in a garment bag.  That will help to hide any unslighty creases. Be careful that you do not stain your clothing during the flight. Choose dark coloured clothings as they are easier to conceal the stains from spilled drinks and food. Carry a lint remover for a last minute touch up.